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Personality Types Training
Workplace communication, personal relationships, and selling skills can all be improved by developing an understanding of personality types, and how we can all communicate better through the ability to see the world through the eyes of those around us.



Matlin Professional Development

Matlin Professional Development offers business management training which is tailored to the particular needs of your business and individual staff. Before we commence training we will discuss your needs, and design a training solution which will deliver the results you need to achieve.
Training delivery is tailored to the needs of the learner group. Learning modes include face to face delivery, self directed study/research, on-line and supported distance learning. Learning assistance is provided where necessary, including assessment and support for Language, Literacy and Numeracy needs.
We also offer a series of 1-Day Professional Development short course workshops across a wide variety of topics, for businesses which need to quickly address particular areas of skill needs, issues or opportunities.
We are based in Adelaide, South Australia, and come to you to deliver training in the workplace, to minimise staff down-time and disruption.
Our facilitators are highly skilled professionals who have a wealth of knowledge gained through management roles working in the industries and disciplines in which they specialise.
We work closely throughout the course with both managers and learners to make sure that learners remain engaged in the training experience, and that content is relevant to the business situation.
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